Strict mistress looking for a few slaves to punish

I’m a Mildenhall mistress that is looking for a few slaves to punish, my sweet fetish body will have you begging at my feat for my attention, and if your a good boy you might just get it. But I’ve found that most men would rather be naughty around me, but only because they love me spanking them. I’m always on the look out for more men to control, and just maybe you could be one of them. My pussy just goes totally wild when I get all dressed up in my kinky fetish gear, I love getting a man totally naked and have him crawling around on the floor like a dog.

Sometimes if I’m feeling naughty enough, I will even make them drink water from a dog bowel. I bet that’s turning you on, I know there’s loads of men around that really get off on having a women controlling them, and if that’s your thing then please don’t make me hurt you, contact me now! I’ll be sitting here in my dungeon spanking away at some guys ass waiting for your message, you sure don’t want to keep a kinky girl like me waiting for long though, unless you want a spanking that is!