Local fuck buddy wanted!

donnaAll I ever wanted when growing up was to be a mum, well I’ve been there and done that. I thought I’d be happy with it, now thought it seems that lonely mums are wanting local sex. I for one do, I feel that having a discreet sex partner could be just the thing I’m looking for. I’m happy with my life I just need a little sex to unwind with. If a horny mum wants to get it on with a stranger why shouldn’t she? Sadly though if I told my friends I’m sure they’d all judge me for it. I bet half of them are having affairs, it would be just like them to do something like that. I’m not looking for an affair, not when I am already single. I just want the tender touch of man when I need it, more oftent than not that’s multiple times a week. My sex drive just seems to be getting bigger, it’s about time I gave it something to enjoy, that something is you. I’m going to check my inbox several times a day, so please make sure you get in touch with me as soon as you can.