Bored wife in Liverpool desperate for sex

So a friend of mine, who also just happens to be another bored Liverpool housewife, told me about this sex contact thing. She told me that she has met some really hunky men this way, and well I am certainly not going to let her have all the fun. My friend isn’t as sexy as me, and well I should be able to get some seriously cute guys, my body is one of the best you’ll see anywhere. I’m also very bored and just the thought of meeting a stranger for sex is making me wet right now,

I would let them take me down a dark alley and then let them take full control of me. I know that sounds really dangerous, but trust me after being a stay at home housewife anything sounds better then this! Please don’t be shy guys, I know that it’s a little daunting being a sex contact but it doesn’t need to be, we could be great friends and of course that comes with benefits as well. I only ask one thing, that is my Husband can come home at random times as such it would be very risky meeting me at my place for sex, but I bet you like the sound of that, don’t you!