Fancy meeting in the woods today?

Hello everyone! I am the charged person of a cool group of students. This way I am calling others to join us on the weekend your in the woods. We will have great fun. You know, the old styled fishing in the nearby lake, evening campfire, and a lot of sex of course. For now we have four couples in the group but wish to raise the number to at least six or seven couples. Join us for a super sexy camping and unleashed outdoor sex. No limits, no charges.

We will not limit the age of the persons, we would like to have more generations to share the power of love and felicity. Shifting and swapping partners are allowed, we also have bisexuals, so if you like the offer, please let us know. Maybe we can talk about several weekends in details after you send us your joining message. Be cool, be fresh, be what you are and be super horny – we like that way. Give us your details. We will “take off”from Ipswich this weekend, and every weekend from now. Welcome to our extra sexy group! Call us, message us, be sure you will not regret after joining us.