Manchester wife and hubby seeking couples and single men for fun

I’m Kate. I’m 31 and I’m a librarian from Manchester. I’m married but am not limited to one man. During my spare time I just like to relax and take it easy, I like watching movies, especially comedies, watch plays, go to concerts or just out to dinner with friends and my hubby. I’m an independent kind of woman, and like to get exactly what I want, and know this often pisses off people. But hey in order to achieve something in life you have to be this way. One of my favourites pastimes is sex, how did I forget. I love sex and everything to do with it. I like to be able to trust someone during sex and like it when we satisfy each other’s sexual fantasies. You may already know what they say about librarians, yes we are a horny bunch. I often daydream about fucking during work in the library, as I am open to public sex.

My husband and I are keen to meet people in Manchester for couple and wife swapping. We are active swingers and are looking for a male or female between 25-35 to share our passion for sex with. We are awesome in bed, and would love if someone new would join in. We don’t mind race, social class or whatever else, but just specifically are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to experiment/try new things during sex. My hubby and I have tried everything from orgies, to genuine dogging and are not afraid to share ourselves with other people, in fact we get our jollies out of this. We believe in trust and respect, so if you are interested in getting naughty with us, but at the same time are trustful and respectful I’m sure we will get along. We are mainly looking for Manchester locals. Maybe we can meet up for a drink and then who knows…..